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Day 3

day3On the third day of the 88th FIDE Congress in Antalya, Turkey, the following Commissions held their respective meetings: 

- Social Project Commission 
- Commission for Women’s Chess 

- Anti-Cheating Commission 
- Chess in Schools Commission 
- Verification Commission 
- System of Parings and Programs 

The Skills Management Committee Chairperson made a decision to postpone the meeting and it will be held on 12th of October.

The Anti-Cheating Commission started with the Chairperson's report. Israel Gelfer specified the role of the Commission and explained what the Commission members have been doing during the last period. The Commission members informed about the outstanding cases, recent cooperation with National Federations and discussed opportunities for developing a 2018 edition of the ACC Guidelines.

WOM Secretary Anastasia Sorokina started the meeting of the Commission for Women’s Chess by giving a brief summary regarding the events for 2017 and some of the projects of WOM. In the next part of the meeting, participants shared their ideas about how to motivate female players worldwide regardless of playing levels. Besides, it was suggested that WOM introduce leading female chess players as their ambassadors. WOM also made a few proposals. 

The Chess in Schools Commission approved the changes to regulations to cover the online version of the school instructor. The Chairman Kevin O’Connell was pleased to report that the collaboration that they have been working for the past two years with FEDA and FIBDA is now fully operational with the first ever online seminar and two seminars in Argentina in the last two weeks. The members were pleased to appoint PEP Suerez of Spain who had been so as a counsellor. The Commission also discussed collaboration with AIDEF which they began a year ago and expect to have matching results next year. 

The Verification Commission discussed in great detail the 2016 accounts.FIDE Treasurer Adrian Siegel was present during the meeting to answer many relevant questions received from the floor.

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Anti-Cheating Commission
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Commission for Women's Chess
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Chess in Schools Commission
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Systems of Pairings & Programs Commission
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